Starting Your Restoration  -  No two car projects are the same. We understand this and realize that we must carefully review and assess the initial condition of your car to help determine the next steps of your project. 

If your project is a frame-off restoration, it will be stripped down to the shell. We will then blast or strip every panel and frame work. We will address areas of rust or damaged metal, replace or hand-form panels to be put back on, and realign all body components. All inner frame work and body panels are shot with epoxy primer to prevent rust. This will help ensure that your restored dream car will last for many generations.

After all of the metal work has been completed, the body work begins. We first block and prime to prepare the body for a coat of color. Before any color coat is applied, we visually inspect every panel of the vehicle to ensure it is straight and true. Only the highest quality of materials will be used to give your restored car a lasting lifetime of beauty. After painting has been completed, the color sanding and buffing process occurs, which will help produce a flawless, show-quality finish.

We specialize in complete restoration and/or customization of your automobile.

What We Do

Final Assembly  -  Once the exterior body is shiny, the chrome is glistening and the interior is like new, every gauge, belt, knob, nut and bolt will be restored to its proper place. Final assembly completes the restoration process and makes your automotive dream a reality.                          515-729-2137

Tilley Custom Restoration is a family owned auto custom restoration business. We conduct our business in a unique way to help achieve your auto restoration dreams. Restoring a classic vehicle is not a one size fits all process. We work with you throughout every step of the restoration process to make sure your wants and needs are identified and thoroughly met.

Initial Consultation - At the outset we meet with you to discuss your specific goals and the overall vision of your unique project. We then focus on actually looking over your vehicle so we can visually see your dream and offer our years of experience in custom restoration to give guidance to help you visualize your finished project. We will provide you a detailed consultation, expected budget, and a projected time frame for completion that will help your restoration dreams become reality.

• Paint and auto body repair
• Engine rebuilds
• Mechanical improvements
• Glass replacement
• Wiring upgrades

​​​​• Complete frame-off restorations
• Suspension upgrades
• Disc brake conversion
• Custom fabrication
• Upholstery makeover